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Since 2001 Watson Construction and Sales has been providing home improvement services throughout Orange County. Our superior products, top-notch service, and excellent financing options create a winning combination for our clients. Talk to us about your home improvement needs and how we can help today!

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Completed Projects

Window Replacement

While it can be difficult to make a decision to replace the windows in your home, our customers tell us they are happy they did! New windows have helped our customers garner higher prices for their homes, increase curb appeal,

Door Replacement Projects

Can you can see light through the cracks in your door? Have your energy bills begun to increase? Is your door difficult to lock or warped? Then it’s probably time for new doors. There are so many benefits our customers

Patio Covers

We absolutely LOVE installing new patio covers for our customers! Why? Because our customers experience instantaneous joy when the project is complete. Patio covers help our customers reclaim their backyards and enjoy cooler temperatures in the summer months.

What Our Clients Say

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Really pleased with my experience with Watson Construction and Sales.  Great product offering and amazing customer service!

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